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Energy Efficient Housing Series R-2000

Energy Efficient Housing Series R-2000 season 1

When you choose an R-2000 home, you will enjoy the best of all worlds: Advanced building technology. Energy savings. Protected indoor air quality. A level of quality assurance that no other homes can offer, with extra inspections, third-party testing and certification. A home with less impact on the environment. And with all of this, you can still choose any size, design and features you want.

R-2000 is the better way of building homes. If you are looking for a new home, look into the advantages of an R-2000 Home. Then make your next home an R-2000 Home!

R-2000 homes are the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible new homes on the market.

R-2000 homes are extraordinary homes. They are built to demanding standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality that far surpass others in the marketplace. They are designed and constructed by extraordinary builders, who are committed to providing the very best for their customers. They are backed by a quality assurance process that’s unique in the industry. And every R-2000 home is certified by the Government of Canada. That ’s truly extraordinary.

If you are thinking about buying a new home, take the opportunity to find out what R-2000 is all about. Browse through this site, check R-2000 in Your Area and spend some time talking with R-2000 builders in your community. Then make your next home an R-2000 home.

TV Series made in 1987 about every aspect of building an energy efficient home. A 20 Program series plus a promotional video. Produced by TVOntario and The Ministry of Energy 1987. Very good information and is extremely hard to find as the R-2000 program has been sold to a private company and is being marketed all over the world.

As thousands of homeowners have discovered, R-2000 is the smart new home choice.

R-2000 is made-in-Canada home building technology with a worldwide reputation for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The R-2000 Standard is a series of technical requirements for new home performance that go way beyond building codes.

The R-2000 mission is: To promote the energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of Canada’s new housing stock through an industry-led, market-driven, leading edge housing standard presented as a co-operative partnership of the private and public sectors.