How-To Guide To Ceramic Tile
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How-To Guide To Ceramic Tile

106 Mins
Flooring, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
Laying, Ceiling Tiles, Tile on a Countertop, Tiling Countertops, Tiles,
Dean Johnson, Miriam Johnson,
How-To Guide To Ceramic Tile Dean Johnson Miriam Johnson

Dean Johnson takes you through the steps of installing tile floors, walls, and countertops. He also gives recommendations on underlayment, adhesives, and tools. In addition, you'll get detailed guidelines for how to layout tile, how to mix mortar.

Tiling is a big job, but there is no need to be intimidated. Here's a good learn video for the novice tiler. If you are thinking about a tiling job in your bath or kitchen, this video is well worth the money. Step by step instructions in preparation and layout are covered as well as grouting and sealing and care.

Good fundamental instruction in terms of basic tile installation.<\/p>

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