How To Build a Shed
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How To Build a Shed

83 Mins
Sheds, Framing, New Construction,
How to Frame, How to Build, Garden Shed, Garden,
Rick Arnold,
How To Build a Shed Rick Arnold

See how the pros do it from start to finish

  • Introduction
  • Install the foundation
  • Frame the Floor
  • Frame the Gable Wall
  • Build the Bearing Walls
  • Build the Roof
  • Install the Trim
  • Install the Windows and Doors
  • Install the Lap and Shingle Siding
  • Install the Architectural Shingles
  • Foundation Systems
  • Siding Options
  • Accessorize your shed
  • Decide on shelving and storage options
  • Landscaping completes the look

Building a shed? See how an expert does it. Building a shed is a complex undertaking that involves many different skills and can easily blindside you with questions you didn’t anticipate. To help your project go smoothly, we developed this how-to video to fully prepare you for what to expect and how best to approach the job to ensure success.

Invest an hour and a half to get up to speed. Let Rick Arnold guide you through sixteen nicely paced episodes that show you how to start with the right foundation, measure for a perfect fit, construct and raise the walls, install door and window modules, attach siding, build trusses, and shingle the roof.

Learn additional techniques as you build your shed. Plus you’ll also find additional options for a laying a sturdy foundation and when to use each, how to build your own custom double doors, add interior shelving, construct a handy equipment ramp, and even landscape your shed.

Visualize critical steps with 3D plans. Before you begin, you’ll already have a complete overview of the project because demonstrations are illustrated with 3D diagrams that show you the shed from all angles. Plus you can easily review the video at any time to take another look.

Enjoy this mini-course in home building. With this video guide you’ll gain the know-how and confidence to build a handsome shed to complement your home. And you’ll also master a variety of techniques to help you accomplish other home improvement projects such as: installing flashings, timesaving ways to cut lumber, using a story pole, and more.

Master builder Rick Arnold is an experienced professional with more than 20 years experience, a nationally recognized seminar leader who conducts demonstrations at trade shows and conferences across the country.

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