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How to Build a Garden Shed

How to Build a Garden Shed

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An easy way to build a light-filled shed

A basic floor plan and simple framing

How to Build a Garden Shed, Justin Fink walks you, step by step, through the process of fabricating and assembling an attractive shed that does not require stud walls, asphalt shingles or a single sheet of plywood. From the solid-plank floor to the cleverly designed roof, this sturdy timber-frame look is achieved without expensive materials or a high level of skill.

  • Foundation and Floor Framing
  • Wall Framing
  • Roof Framing
  • Cedar Shingle & Polycarbonate-Panel Roofing
  • Windows, Doors & Furring Strips
  • Lower Trim & Clapboards
  • Upper Trim & Board-and-Batten Siding